The club maintains a large and active kennel of fox hounds whose pedigrees are meticulously kept.  Several of the pack can be traced back to the famous Fox Hounds Mountain and Muse who were gifted by the Duke of Leeds to friends in Marland in 1814.   MHi recently celebrated its 60th anniversary and our Huntsman, Mr Jay Thomas and Joint Masters Mrs Jeanine Devaney and Mrs Maria Stine continue with the traditions.. 

Our Hunt Master is Jay Thomas , Joint Masters include Jeanine Devaney and Maria Stine.  The Honorable Hunt Secretary is Nicole Hatfield.  These members are shown below. 
There are also "Whipper's In" who are in charge of the management of the Hounds . They include: Sherry Cantrell, Erin Kimmer , Dominique Morrison, Kat Davis,
Alene Harfman,Maria Stine and
​Nicole Hatfield
To ensure that all levels of experience for rider and horse are able to enjoy the hunt MHI also has FieldMasters that organize and lead the Field members include: 1st Field Lynn Tanner or Janet Johnson, 2nd Field Jeanine DeVaney or Tommy Robinson,
3rd Field Russell Childers