Riding to Hounds originated in England in the late 17th Century as a method of

controlling the fox population which endangered farmers poultry .

By the 19th Century it had become a sport consisting of riding horses and using

Hounds to track a fox's scent.

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    In November 1956, on an unseasonably warm day, a group of riders dressed in scarlet and black followed their joint masters Mr. Junius Fisher and Mr. Hugh Heafner, their huntsman and hounds into the forests and fields near the small city of Charlotte, North Carolina. By doing so, they officially began the first season of Mecklenburg Hounds Inc. (MHi).
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    . MHI participates in Joint Meets with other Hunts in the NC Mountains down through the Sandhills and the Low Country of SC. Our own Fixtures include land consisting of Pine Forests and long sandy run outs at Brewer Plantation to Wooded trails and open fields at Larkspur. Our quarry consists of Red Fox, Coyote and Red Sided Grey Fox
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    Hunt Culture is a rich one full of Ceremony and Tradition and has become a way of life for some enthusiasts. The Blessing of the Hounds, Stirrup Cup and Hunt Breakfast are just a few of the long standing traditions still upheld. There are Thanksgiving Hunts, Boxing Day Hunts and other opportunities to celebrate the long standing traditions relevant to Equestrian Foxhunting.

Members who follow as the field wear black coats, buff breeches and black boots.  Lady masters and members of the staff often wear red coats. Some members add to the elegance and wear cutaway coats (red for men, black for ladies) Ratcatcher  attire is allowed on designated "Ratcatcher " Hunts. There are daybreak hunts that allow riders to wear polo style shirts.

​MHI Follows all rules and etiquette set by the Master of Fox Hunting Association.  MHI is a member of the association.

MHI conducts training for Foxhunting and attendance includes learning about the specifics of rules and etiquette expected in the field.